About us

Company Profile

QikStudio is a Live Streaming and Content Delivery Network provider. Located in the heart of they city Ponda in Goa,India. QikStudio supports a wide variety of technologies to provide live and on-demand audio and video streaming services on multiple platform. At QikStudio we are motivated by our goal to create unique video experience with broadast quality live video streaming to companies looking for professional, reliable and cost-effective services for broadcasting Live audio-video media over the internet.

Our Mission

QikStudio's latest technologies ensures guaranteed uptime, through a high speed connection to your streams. Our Server is connected with 1Gbps dedicated port (For 1Gigabit Connection Test, Contact us). QikStudio currently owns and operates private racks in 3 different Data Centers thats in Paris France, Netherlands and New Jersey USA. Our main facility for dedicated servers is located in Greenhouse Datacenters. Our multi-homed network is powered by premium tier-1 bandwidth featuring diverse path OC-48 fiber connectivity with carriers like: Telia, KPN, Level3, NeuroFiber, WiConnect, NLix, Hibernia, Congent Communications and several direct peerings. This guarantees absolutely secure and stable streams.

Our Vision

Streaming media is the future of video entertainment. As more and more users consume videos online, we feel that it's extremely important to make sure that the quality of service is top notch. We've all experienced buffering videos and jittery live streams and QikStudio wants to make that a thing of the past. Join us and help make live streams and videos on demand the best they can be!

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